Nice to Meet You

Nice to Meet You

Over The Rainbow Travels – Unforgettable Tours Across the USA

My name is Dror Einav – Nice to Meet You

I’ve always had a love for travel and open spaces. My name, Dror, means “freedom” in Hebrew, so it seems wandering and exploring are in my nature.

I’m married to Atalia and a proud father of Omri, Nadav, and Lihi. I’m also a devoted grandfather to Mai, Sinai, Mika-Si, Liri, and Ayer.

I graduated from the Israeli Ministry of Tourism and the University of Haifa as a tour guide. For years, I led motorcycle tours in Israel, sharing my passion for nature and Israeli culture.

My love for the great outdoors knows no bounds, which led me to guide unique tours across Europe and the U.S. I became a go-to source for travel recommendations for friends, family, and anyone dreaming of discovering hidden gems – those special places worth taking a detour for.

The tours I offer cater to everyone, especially those who crave a mix of urban and open nature. For those wanting to explore less conventional places and who’ve had their fill of the usual tourist spots.

In short, for anyone who “has yet to discover the real America.” Join us for an experience that will take you “over the rainbow.”

Crafting Unforgettable Journeys – Customized Adventures for Every Traveler

Guided Tours: Over The Rainbow Travels has been the top choice for Hebrew-speaking travelers exploring the USA for many years.

Meticulously Planned Tours: Our tours are meticulously planned to cater to every traveler, whether solo, in groups, or on business, including incentive trips, family getaways, and corporate outings.

Unforgettable Experiences: We specialize in crafting experiences that immerse our guests in new cultures and off-the-beaten-path landscapes.

Personalized Trip Planning: In addition to guided tours, we offer personalized trip planning services for independent adventurers who prefer to explore at their own pace.

Seamless Journey: From curating itineraries to booking
attractions and accommodations, our team ensures a seamless journey for every traveler.

Discover, Experience, Enjoy – Creating Memories, One Trip at a Time